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How tall is Mitt Romney?

Here you find the height of Mitt Romney.
The height of Mitt Romney is 6ft 2in(188cm)

Do you think Mitt Romneys height is incorrect? Please tell us by leaving a comment!

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  • Comments

    In the photo showing Romney getting out of an SUV, he appears to be 2 or 3" shorter than the SUV roof, is he a tiny guy ?
      Dave 2012-08-26
    My guess is more like 5'10" maybe 5'11".
      Laura 2012-09-04
    I saw a photograph of Romney standing, facing Obama. Both were
    laughing and both looked to be exactly the same height. I was shocked
    that anyone would think Romney was taller. Romney looks kinda hunched over. Maybe he would seem taller if he stood up straight.
      jj 2012-09-23
    Mitt Romney is 6 foot 2 inches tall. Taller than our current president by an inch! Why would anyone think that he is the shorter of the two candidates? Oh, it could be the way the media portrays him....
      Drryscavage 2012-10-03
    I thought President Obama is 3 ft. 2 inches.
      Paul 2012-10-03
    I guess that would make Obama abaout 2 foot 2 inches
      JJ 2012-10-04
    3ft 4.9in? Really? I thought the height for most people on this site has been pretty accurate, so is this the result of a hacker? If not, this hurts the credibility of the site.
      Keats 2012-10-04
    gee, even a little fact check website is partisan. You guys are total losers.
      momalovesme 2012-10-16
    Dryscavage--you got the 2 inches right!! heehee.
      natasha Strong 2012-11-16
    Mitt Romney "says" he's 6'2". Has any credible measurer measured him? against a wall, heels pressed against that wall? I'd say, considering past behavior ------- he's, at most, 6'1 1/2".
      notevenclose 2012-12-03
    I saw Romney at the salt lake airport a couple years ago. My first thought was that he was much shorter in person. I would say 5'9" or so.
      liberal larry 2013-01-03
    A friend's son parked Mitt's car recently and claims Mitt is about 5'9, maybe 5'10. Plus he's a lousy tipper, only tipped $2.00!

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