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  Emy 2012-03-27
That's so short.. Is she officially a dwarf?
  Rachel 2012-04-13
whoa, i didnt know she was that short
  anaiz 2012-04-20
haha she really is a dwarf
she is so short that is why she is always wearing heals
  thehungergames 2012-05-12
wow actress who plays rue in hunger games is taller than her snooki probably weighs like 200 lbs though
  MS 2012-07-06
@thehungergames she actually weighs 98 pounds according to a website I saw. I'm surprised too. She looks much bigger.
  The truth 2012-08-22
She is actually 4 feet 6.5 inches and she does NOT weigh 98 pounds. Her average weight over the last four years has been one and a half gazillion pounds.

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