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How tall is China Anne McClain?

Here you find the height of China Anne McClain.
The height of China Anne McClain is 4ft 9.1in(145cm)

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  • Comments

      Vanessa 2012-04-03
    How tall is she NOW ! ( April 2012 ) ?
      Alysia 2012-04-05
    She is 4 8 NOW
      Rora 2012-04-07
    Yeah, what's her height NOW?
    A picture of her next to jake short pretty much proves that she's taller than this. She's way taller than jake and he's between 4'8" and 5'.
      Rora 2012-04-07
    Yeah, what's her height NOW?
    A picture of her next to jake short pretty much proves that she's taller than this. She's way taller than jake and he's between 4'8" and 5'.
      Sarai ;) 2012-04-09
    I think she's about 5'5" or 5'6". When I saw her in a video with her sisters, they were about the same height, so I believe China is pretty tall.
      Bri-Bri!! 2012-04-11
    I wonder, how tall is the Mcclain sisters..???
      Awesomeness 2012-04-21
    Nah, i think she's 4' 8... :)
      Kyle Parrish 2012-04-27
    uh, because sierra mccromick, jake short or china anne mcclain are not taller the me and i am 5'1
      Super Stuff 2012-05-12
    No, I think she's 5'2". At least, that's what it said on the ANT Farm Wiki....
      Someone 2012-05-13
    I think she is 5,2 I m not sure though :p
    she's 5'3
      Nobody 2012-05-19
    I think she's at about 5'0. She is no where near 5'5 because Laura Marano is like 5'1 or 5'2 and when she stands next to her Laura is taller
      your mom 2012-05-20
    chyna mcclain is 5'1 for all people who didnt know
      Vanessa 2012-05-24
    She is taller than 5'3 . She may be 5'5 - 5'7 . ♥
      Anna 2012-06-09
    I dont think shes that tall. On her earlier shows she stood at 4'8. Now since shes grown shes probably 5'0 or 5'1-5'2. That blonde girl is pretty tall and China seems really small compared to her. Thats why She cant be 5'5
      Jessica 2012-06-11
    She is at least 5'1 now because on the her show a.n.t farm this year she stood next to guest star Zendaya Coleman. In a interview this year Zendaya said she was 5'8.
    You guys are dumb...china mcclain is about 5'1 for all you dummies out least in 2012. Now she probably grew like an inch or 2.So thatll make her to be 5'3 or 5'4. Thats pretty tall for a little girl
    yea i think she is really short too because i just saw that episode and she was like next to her stomach
      mel 2012-06-15
    yea she has to be snooki's height
      Booo <3 . 2012-06-25
    She's tall im 5'0 & I think she taller than me ! She Is Technally taller than 5'0 ! He has to be 5'6
      hi mom 2012-06-25
    hi mom
      hey 2012-06-26
    that is way to tall for her age but sence i am realy sort (4ft 9in) and i am 12 and a half years old i can belive that she is that tall
      hey 2012-06-26
    that cool you so tall i am so short
      Mysterious 2012-06-27
    um a lot of people and sites say shes 4 8 or 4 9
      girly 2012-06-27
    she is how ever tall she is
      girly 2012-06-27
    she is how ever tall she is
      What Eva 2012-06-29
    I would say she is either 5 to 5'1 jake short is 4'9 and se is only a couple inches taller than him
      andrea 2012-07-05
    she cannot be 5'5 she is 5'0
      devon 2012-07-09
    wow china your my height do you want to go out im 12 yrs old. p.s look me up on facebook if you want to see if you want to go out yes or no
      francis 2012-07-21
    i think shes 5'3 i hope
      crazygirl17 2012-07-22
    im guessing that she is around 5'3 or 5'4. im 5'6 and i just turned 12 a month ago.
      victor james 2012-08-15
    am tynkin mcclain is wel tall, tust luk at her heigt ith her big sist an her fingers. She might b short fo u guyz bt i knw she ill wel tall nd orgnise wen she older, guyz dont luk at d present c d feauture...when her brth dai comence even if i may nt b dia bt i which so.i ill say appy luvly birth 2 china anne mcclain.
      deric 2012-09-07
    she has to be my height china u are so bomb i would love to go out with u sometime
      wonder kid 2012-09-08
    im 5 7 and im 12 i think china anne mcclain is 5 5
      Shakira 2012-09-13
    Lol guys shes not 5'5 nor.5'4. How is that possible. Her.sister lauryn is 5'4 and chinas shorter than her. Shes shorter than lexi on ant farm wen they both wore ballet shoes by atleast 2 inches. Shes around 5'1 to 5'2 I guess. But being.short isnt a bad thing dnt get me wrong. Im short! 5'4 and 14. proud p.s. Sorry for long text
      SparkleShimmer 2012-10-13
    You Guys Are All Wrong.There is a such height as "4'9,4'10,and 4'11" china is probably around 4'11 or 5'0
      Ally 2012-11-17
    she is 5'1 i asked her for myself
      kim 2012-11-20
    i think she's about 5'6 - 5'7 ..
    Shes short she was just wearing heels
      michele anyango 2013-01-05
    she is 5 '6

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