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  anaiz 2012-04-20
she is really tall
  Kayla 2012-05-25
Shes 5'8, she said so. And that model height shes so perfect
  corinne 2012-08-22
  Noric3000 2012-09-05
In IMDB, her height was 5,10, but that was before her birthday, September 1, 2012. Now she's 16 years old, so I'm guessing she's 5,11 now.
  zendaya 2013-01-18
omg im 5feet 6 too and my name is zendaya and i am not jokeing i am so if people think im lieing well i am not

  lia 2013-01-18
hi im lia and i am 5,6 and i am only 11years old

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