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  Annika 2012-06-26
That is not at all true! Because in Let it shine she was only a little bit taller than Tyler James Williams and he's five, eight. So she's like five, nine.
  kathy 2012-07-07
that is not true!
  nikki 2012-07-14
not true at all
  Rocky 2012-07-17
Gotta be a joke, I'd say about 5'9"
  Peaches 2012-07-18
Heck no she about 5'9 5'10 she's no where close to 6'7
  BLAZer 2012-08-06
actually tyler james williams is 5'10
I looked it up
so she must be like what 5'11 or 6
  love indya 2012-09-03
she 5,7
  snxt, 2012-11-14
way shorter
  tusophie 2012-11-19
no coco jones is like 6 ft os 6ft 2inch cuz in a interview zendaya coleman said she was 5'10 or even 5'11 and in a picture cocoa is like 4 or 5 inches taller than zendaya and bella is in da picture too all u have to do is go on both of cocoa jones facebook pages and you will see the picture and bellaq thorne is 5'5
  prettyprincess 2012-12-28
She is 5'9.
  Hi 2012-12-30
No way
  outofhere 2013-01-01
seems incorrect
  Shonti 2013-01-02
She's 5'9 bottom line..
  angie adamson 2013-01-04
coco jones has to be 5'11 or 5'10 so true!
  angie adamson 2013-01-04
coco jones has to be 5'11 or 5'10 so true!
  imani shantel samuels 2013-01-15
Noooo coco jones is like 5'9 or 5'10 not six foot
  Becca Jewell 2013-01-20
I think she is like 6 ft or something like that
  aijia applewhite 2013-01-22
This bitch is bout 6'1 cuz trevor jackson is 6'2 and she was bout the saME height
  Diana 2013-01-24
She is like 5 9

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