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How tall is greyson chance?

Here you find the height of greyson chance.
The height of greyson chance is 5ft 4.6in(164cm)

Do you think greyson chances height is incorrect? Please tell us by leaving a comment!

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  • Comments

      Nadia 2012-04-04
    Doesnt that make him short 4 his age? He is gonna be 15 and i barely turned 12 yesterday and im 5ft 4in in a half. Nit trying to make fun of him, in fact I love him. Its just a question
      Rachel 2012-04-13
    Well I'm actually kinda short so i have no problem with him being 5'4 :) <3
      Mutiara 2012-04-15
    woow!!! Greyson Chance very tall!!! I'ts amazing! :) Follow my twitter @Mmuttiara =))
      Tiffany 2012-04-23
    Omg I am like 11 n I am same height as him does not bother me that he is short ...he is still amazingly talented !!!^_^
      Kaitlin 2012-06-06
    He might just hit is growth spurt late most guys do or he might just stay shorter like Niall horan is gonna be 19 and he is only 5 ft 7 so he might hit a growth spurt soon! Eithe way he is still really talented and his height doesn't matter! :)
      Samantha 2012-06-19
    Buy he has been this tall since the beginning of 2011 :/ shouldn't he have grown by the middle of 2012- at least to 5'5... I'm 13 (girl) and I'm taller than him (not to be rude- grey grey is my dedication ;P).
      Grey'sGirl4eva 2012-06-21
    Some people say that he grew taller this summer... Someone said 5'11, but idk if he could grow that fast... 0.o
      GreysonLover 2012-06-23
    As stated on IMDB, he's current height is now 5'9. He's not 5'11. Follow me on Twitter!/XoxoJonasG
      Reynne 2012-07-14
    i think he got taller others say he is now 5'9 ft.(175 cm)
      Enchancer forever!!! 2012-07-19
    I want to know how tall he really is!!! This site says five four in April of this year. A comment says five nine about two months later. Much as a live and believe and trust Greyson, I'm not sure it's possible to grow five inches in two months. If anyone knows differently,I'm sorry,and please feel free to correct me!!!!
    Stay true to yourself,Greyson.
      Mrs. Chance 2012-08-12
    OMA I like a taller guy I'm 5ft 2 inches :) I'm about a year younger than him
      Grey Lover 2012-08-16
    He's actually 5'9 not 5'4
      ellin(fan of greyson chance) 2012-08-27
    i believe that he is 5'9 not 5'4 .he's 15 right.he must be tall.:)
      laura 2012-10-03
    ı dont know him that well but ı have to say he is kinda short ı mean ım 12 and ım 5'8
      John 2012-11-08
    Amazing how all you Americans are so tall! When I was 12 I was 138cm now I'm 15 I'm 165cm and yes I'm Asian.
      Ricky 2012-11-14
    he's 164cm? that's actually short for american. i just turned 13 and i'm 176cm. i am tall and i am proud. cause i am asian
      M 2012-11-15
    He isn't 5 foot 4. I went to his concert in Canada on August 29 this year 2012, and afterwards he was signing autographs. I was standing about 4 feet away from him, and i was taller than him. I am 5 foot 5. I was about 3 or 4 inches taller than him, so he was about 5'1".
    This was in August 2012 and he was 15. 5'1" is pretty short for a 15 year old. I don't think that he hit puberty yet, even at 15. His voice is still pretty high.
    I'm not trying to insult him about his height, but this is the truth. I still think he's cute though. :)
      Teremi chhangte 2012-11-17
    You guys are so I'm 14 and I'm just 5'2...hehe....I wish I could be tall as you guys...but I don't have any problem how tall will greyson be!!
      V 2012-12-07
    As of 2012, I'm fairly certain that he's 5'9".
      Daneca 2012-12-10
    He's actually around 5'8 or 5'9..:)
      Peki Punte 2012-12-30
    i don't exactly believe it, i'm now 13 and im 5'3 tall, some say he is 5'9 tall
    ^^^Teremi Chhangte Mizo ve tho a law i nih
      keemeh 2013-01-13
    he's 5'9

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