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    1. Justin Bieber
    2. Sky Nellor
    3. Tom Cruise
    4. Zac Efron
    5. zendaya colema
    6. Brad Pitt
    7. Mitt Romney
    8. Taylor Swift
    9. Miley Cyrus
    10. Arnold Schwarz
    11. Angelina Jolie
    12. Johnny Depp
    13. Vin Diesel
    14. George Clooney
    15. Prince Philip,
    16. Katy Perry
    17. Bruce Willis
    18. Selena Gomez
    19. Rihanna
    20. Barack Obama
    21. Jennifer Lopez
    22. Kate Middleton
    23. Elvis Presley
    24. Mel Gibson
    25. Leonardo DiCap
    26. Jeremy Allen W
    27. Megan Fox
    28. Sylvester Stal
    29. greyson chance
    30. Hugh Jackman
    31. Jackie Chan
    32. Tyrel Jackson
    33. Adolf Hitler
    34. Kim Kardashian
    35. Robert Downey
    36. Eminem
    37. Shakira
    38. Nicole Kidman
    39. Mario Lopez
    40. Michael Jordan
    41. Scarlett Johan
    42. Jon Michael Hi
    43. Will Smith
    44. Rhett McLaughl
    45. Justin Timberl
    46. Zendaya
    47. Eddie Murphy
    48. Jennifer Anist
    49. Ashton Kutcher
    50. Madonna
    51. Lady Gaga
    52. Tyra Banks
    53. Beyoncé Knowl
    54. Michael Jackso
    55. obama
    56. Patrick Schwar
    57. Emma Watson
    58. Ariana Grande
    59. beyonce
    60. Michelle Obama
    61. Snoop Dogg
    62. Nicki Minaj
    63. Tom Hanks
    64. Bruce Springst
    65. Kelli Berglund
    66. Hulk Hogan
    67. Paris Hilton
    68. Matt Damon
    69. Cameron Diaz
    70. Orlando Bloom
    71. Tyga
    72. Jessica Alba
    73. Taylor Lautner
    74. Denzel Washing
    75. Prince William
    76. Fergie
    77. Mila Kunis
    78. Coco Jones
    79. Daniel Craig
    80. Yao Ming
    81. Antonella Rocc
    82. Daniel Radclif
    83. Adele
    84. Britney Spears
    85. Vanilla Ice
    86. PSY (Park Jae-
    87. China Anne McC
    88. John Travolta
    89. snooki
    90. Timati
    91. Shaquille O`Ne
    92. Leon Thomas II
    93. Russell Crowe
    94. Avril Lavigne
    95. John Wayne
    96. Vladimir Putin
    97. Louise Roe
    98. Lil Wayne
    99. Tupac Shakur
    100. Kourtney Karda

100 Latest comments
28th Tyrel Jackson WiHe's 5'2 cuz china 5'2
28th Tyrel Jackson Wino height 5'3
28th michael jordanAnd I met Zach, and I was at least 3 inches taller... 7'1"
26th Joe Buddenhi
25th Tyrel Jackson Wiwow! im way taller than him. i am 5 ft. 3in. im only in 5th grade
25th Marc BaylisMarc Baylis 5' 8" ? No way, the cunt is no more than 5'6".
25th Patricia ChicaPatricia Chica's hight is 162cm. Can you please correct! Thanks!
24th Coco JonesShe is like 5 9
24th Phil Lynott phil was 6ft 2ins fact.
23th Tom CruiseHe's closer to 5'2". Look at the objects around him in the movies. Some things can't be hidden with camera angels.
23th The UndertakerUndertaker is 6´7.5" , he was billed at 6´8" as Master of pain and the punisher and during his first month as Undertaker. They raised his height to 6´10.5", because he was visible taller than the 6´8" ( real 6´5" at peak) billed Hulk Hogan he was feuding with in 1991
23th Till LindemannTill is actually 6' 3 1/2" inches.
22th Trevor JacksonHE is 6'2
22th Coco JonesThis bitch is bout 6'1 cuz trevor jackson is 6'2 and she was bout the saME height
21th Nicole Polizzi (I'm 11 years old and I am 5'0ft.
21th Ross LynchIn Pop Star it said that he's 6'0ft. I think that's right because his brother Rocky is 6'2ft and Ross is only a little shorter than him. He also probably isn't 5'10ft because his sister Rydel is 5'8ft and he is taller than her and their friend Ratliff in R5 is 5'11ft and Ross is taller than him.
21th Meg RyanMeg ryan is not that tall
20th Nicole Polizzi (I'm as tall as snooki and im 11
20th Coco JonesI think she is like 6 ft or something like that
18th michael jordanMichel Jordon whres my iphone5 im about to cry michel im only 12years old but i need a PHONE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, please
18th Katy PerryKaty is actually smokin hot! As well as a cute minky nothing else matters folks.
18th zendayahi im lia and i am 5,6 and i am only 11years old
18th zendayaomg im 5feet 6 too and my name is zendaya and i am not jokeing i am so if people think im lieing well i am not

18th David CoverdaleDavid Coverdale is 5,9 tall. I am 6,2 and David is 5,9 or 5,8.
18th Ritchie BlackmorRitchie Blackmore is 5,10. I know this for sure.
16th Victoria JusticeI think she´s 1.65 metres
16th Paula AbdulIt's funny that you R shorter than me , but your height is as same as my mom's height .
16th Zac EfronYEAH,.................
That's why u R alone !!!!??????
16th Vanessa HudgensI love her , and actually she is 160 cm..........
16th Justin BieberI love him , & his height isn't important 4 me! ?

But at real I'm Iranian and u know that Iranian R shorter U....
But I'm 13 and j u st i n 's height is my hieght(5'9).
16th Laura MennellI would say Laura is slight taller. I'm 5,5 and had my pic taken with her and she was head and shoulders above me. That was with flats on.
15th Velibor Topiche towers over mark strong who is 6'2?
15th Garrett Backstro1.73
15th Coco JonesNoooo coco jones is like 5'9 or 5'10 not six foot
14th Daniel SturridgeSturridge is the same height as suarez, yet there is a 7cm difference on this site
13th Justin BieberHe's about 5'5"
13th Torri Webstershes not 4'8" shes 5'5
13th greyson chancehe's 5'9
12th Shailene Woodleyif??? I saw that his stature is a 1.73
12th Chitrangada Singshe can't be 5ft 5 she must be 5ft 7 or 5ft 8
11th Tupac ShakurHe was black
11th Steve NashHe 's just about 1m85 (6'1'') with bare foot
10th Shahab Hosseinihe is 174 cm
10th Arnold SchwarzenAgreed with his height now! But before, he must be about 6'2'' (1m88)
10th Monica BellucciShe loos tall with...mega heels. With bare foot, she 's just 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
10th Carles PuyolMaybe he looks taller, 1m75 (5'9'') is correct
10th Taylor SwiftShe 's just 5ft 9.5in (177 cm) with bare foot
10th Phoebe TonkinOh my god, she 's just 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
8th ina gartenNo I think Ina is only 5'1" because my friend met her in person and she's 5'4'' and she could look over Ins's head.
8th Elvis PresleyElvis is exactly 6'0, nothing more, nothing less. :D
8th Nikki SixxThe height is correct. Nikki is a tall black-haired green-eyed good looking man, he is so beautiful and wise that I really wish to meet him and give him a warm hug :)
8th Dj AshbaHe's actually 5'9 :).. I love him to death ♥
8th Hulk HoganHe was billed at 6'7' when he was wrestling but he is actually 6'3"
7th Tyrel Jackson WiWow hes short hes 15 im 11 and and im 4'11
7th Wilt ChamberlainWilt Chamberlain was about 7'1" tall.
6th Omar Bin LadenHe is 179 cm to be correct
6th Steven SkylerI think it's not right.
6th Louise RoeLouise Roe is 5'9". She told a 5'11'' tall girl in Plain Jane that she's 5'9".
6th Chitrangada SingShe can't be more taller than 5'5, probable less, actors wear heels.
6th Halston Sagei am 11 years old and i am 5 foot 7
5th Anna KendrickNot true! She's actually only 5'0". Maybe 5'1" tops.
5th China Anne McClashe is 5 '6
4th Coco Jonescoco jones has to be 5'11 or 5'10 so true!
4th Coco Jonescoco jones has to be 5'11 or 5'10 so true!
4th Shaquille O`Nealwow
4th Nicole Polizzi ( 11 rs old. and i'm 5'3
4th Miley Cyrusyeah i think that her height is right
4th Eddie MurphyI saw eddie Murphy on a plane about twenty years ago and I thought he looked about 5'7 at the tallest. If he's 5'10.5, I much be 6'6.5.
3th Yao MingHe is totally NOT 5ft 3in.
3th Jackie LongThat is Common
3th Hugh Jackman189cm
3th Mitt RomneyA friend's son parked Mitt's car recently and claims Mitt is about 5'9, maybe 5'10. Plus he's a lousy tipper, only tipped $2.00!
3th Leigh FrancisI think he must be shorter as when standing next to Rufus Hound he looks a couple of inches shorter.
3th Efe Prince EhiorNo, he's 1.85cm
2th Coco JonesShe's 5'9 bottom line..
1th Mark Matkevichhe is 6'5
1th Justin TimberlakThat's spot on. He's 5'10" no doubt.
1th Coco Jonesseems incorrect
1th Jessica Albajessica is 1.73
1th Lady Gagalady gaga is 1.55
1th Rihanna rihanna is 1.75
31th Kane No his height is 7ft
30th Coco JonesNo way
30th Bill ClintonHas lost some height due to age. He always appears shorter than 6' 1 1/2" President Obama.
30th Morgan FreemanCertainly taller than Jim Carey (height in question) due to comparison in "Bruce Allmighty" and shorter next to Christoher Reeve (6'4" in "Street Smart"---Six foot two and some change spot on for Morgan Freeman.
30th Nicolas that with the toupee or without? No my friends he barely make six feet. ..And he was considered for Superman?? Yeesh
30th Al GoreAl Gore...hmm. due to global warming his body expands and cracks like a brick house in the heat of Mississippi. Al is shy of 6'2" ...accurate listing.

After inventing the internet he may have lost and inch. JK
30th Hugh JackmanHugh is close to 6'2" and his small head and long arms help the very tall appearance. He could be 6'2" and 1/4"....Nice fellow and very amiable to fans.
30th Pierce BrosnanHe use to be listed as 6'2" and then 6' 1'' ....In the movie "Mama Mia" his fellow male co-stars who are listed at 6'1" and 6'2" --had a definite edge on him. Pierce has a tall build, but he is more like 6 feet even. Looks can be deceiving.
30th Keanu ReevesYes, a tall man. The listed height-- very accurate. He is comfortable with his height.
30th Arnold SchwarzenThe "Austrian Oak" was never 6"1 1/2" --that has been another fabrication. He is very astute about who he will take a picture with. His best height today is 5'11" if not that. Arnold is a shoe lift advocate also.
--It's all smoke and mirrors...
30th John TravoltaJohn Travolta a legit six foot even.
30th Russell CroweWhere did anyone get 5'11" for this actor!? You can actually see how short he is in some scenes "A Beautiful Mind" --he has a very boxy build as is not aller than 5'8 1/2"--he was once told to put his shoes back on his bare feet --like Stallone the truth of his height was about to be revealed. Great Actor!
30th Brad PittBrad Pitt is another shoe lift advocate. Five foot elevan is spot on. He is not over 6 feet, as much as he would like.
30th Michelle ObamaMichelle is about 5' 11 1/2" in flat feet and the media plays down her height, cause being too tall as the First lady does not look good for many reasons. Her face is not that feminine and she has really long arms and an unusual shaped bite--not a good package for any women.
30th Eddie MurphyEddie is a very slight man. He filmed a movie with Steve Martin and I say Steve is deceivingly tall-- about 6 feet. Eddie was about 5'8" at best.
30th Sylvester StalloI opened his limo door in Houston, for the Planet Hollywood opening. I am 5'10" and he was barely 5'8" with his special foot lifts. That was the chatter of all the fans there!!!
30th Justin TimberlakProbably the same height as Jimmy Fallon when Fallon is wearing lifts. height is so elusive in Hollywood. The biggest shocker--how short Stallone is....

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